Simplify your work – 10 tips for doing more by doing less

Is it time for you to take more control of your working day? Simplify your work. Working long hours can be damaging to your business, your health and general well-being.





Here are 10 tips for less is more.

1. Daily plan – if you’ve too many tasks and not enough time, spend the first 20 minutes of every day planning what you must do and how you can do it.

2. Aim to delegate – ask yourself ‘who else can do this?’ often it’s more cost-effective for you to delegate a task.

3. Set time limits – rather than spending endless hours on Facebook for example, set a time limit such as half-an-hour a day.

4. ‘Must do’ goal – set one goal each day and keep to it. You’ll feel better and it’s another job done.

5. In-box overflow – take charge of your in-box and unsubscribe to nonessential newsletters and lists. And delete old emails.

6. Regular breaks – built in to your day can be refreshing, just a 10 minute walk away from your desk and out of the office can help.

7. Find a file – if you are unable to find documents or email messages easily, set up a filing system to help stop wasting time.

8. Always want more – if you continue to seek out more information to help support making a decision, draw a line under it, make the decision and move on.

9. Turn it off – when your day is done, turn off your computer and walk away. Set a time to leave work and do it.

10. Downtime – plan a break that can’t be changed and anticipate what needs to be done in advance so you don’t have to play catch up when you get back.

If run your own business you are likely to work more than most employees. So it’s worthwhile considering how you can do more by doing less to keep your business healthy

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