10 rules for social media policy

Social media is growing in importance for companies as employees are getting more and more involved in listening and engaging with customers and suppliers. So maybe it’s time to consider a social media policy? Set clear guidelines about what you can and can’t do.

social media policy

social media policy

Here are 10 rules for a social media policy.

1. Be responsible – make it clear everyone is responsible for what they write.
2. Embrace mistakes – we all make them, so admit to them and say sorry by responding to the mistakes openly.
3. Only human – if and when you are criticised online, take it on the chin, but stick up for yourself with humility.
4. Off limits – be clear about what topics are acceptable and what are off limits, make that clear. Take a moment privately before you respond publicly.
5. On the same page – communicate with your colleagues to ensure you co-ordinate consistent messages.
6. Robotic responses – are impersonal and flat, introduce a sense of personality to your responses and listen carefully.
7. Look who’s talking – remind yourself who is the audience and listen to what they are communicating about and respond appropriately.
8. Encourage engagement – employees can be your ambassadors, so let them promote your business with the right tools.
9. Keep it confidential – be clear that employees cannot release confidential information about the business without authority.
10. Timely response – keep on top of responding to questions / queries / concerns on time.

If you don’t establish some ground rules early on, you could face legal action if unlawful comments are made in your company’s name.

So does your business or organisation have a social media policy? How is it working? Share your comments in the section below or on Twitter.

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