Planning a charity event – 10 tips for a fundraising plan

It’s that time of year when many are planning charity events. They are springing up to help raise much needed funds for good causes. However, there is the temptation to jump in first without considering a carefully thought through plan.

fundraising plan

Here’s our 10 top tips for a fundraising plan.

1. Background – set the scene with your current position, consider what you have achieved to date in relation to what you want to achieve.

2. Overall aim – summarise ‘the ask’ succinctly, what you need to do by when, stating  your ultimate goal.

3. Key objectives – whether it’s to raise funds, attract new donors or launch an appeal; make sure objectives are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely (SMART).

4. Set a strategy – outline why you need the funds, who will benefit and what difference it will make to them.

5. Target audience – be clear about who you’re trying to reach and what you expect them to do.

6. Agree a budget – how much do you plan to spend in line with how much you want to  raise in total, you need to determine a projected break-even point.

7. Project plan – set out your actions and timetables, this will be critical to stay on track and on budget.

8. Who does what – be clear about roles and responsibilities, who does what throughout the campaign.

9. Shopping list – state how specific amounts will make a difference to your goal, e.g. £5 will pay for 50 test tubes, £500 us to etc…

10. Outcome – monitor and evaluate your progress and share this with your donors and fundraising team.

Remember, once the event or campaign is completed, continue to track and share your achievements to thank donors and encourage momentum for the next campaign!

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