10 golden rules for email marketing

Email marketing is all about knowing what someone is interested in. Lock into the ‘right person, right message, right time’. If you consider the average person receives approximately 65 emails a day, compared to 1 on Facebook – email marketing is very much alive and kicking.

email marketing concept

email marketing concept

Here are 10 golden rules to get closer to your customers.

  1. Sign-up – encourage people to sign-up to your email service and continue to check and review it.
  2. Segment lists – check who have recently engaged with you and those who have not.
  3. Manage expectations – make it clear what people will get when they sign-up and be sure to deliver it.
  4. Right data use Preference Managers within campaigns so recipients update their own personal information.
  5. Relationship – communicate regularly, build up a meaningful relationship to encourage recipients to purchase.
  6. Message – send valuable messages, e.g., remind customers if they have left something in a basket.
  7. Images – the design of your emails and the images you use can make or break a campaign.
  8. Use results – use the feedback you get from email campaigns to improve future ones.
  9. Save costs use automated emails to remind or confirm a service to save you costs.
  10. Social media encourage reviews of a product to be posted on Facebook via an email.
email marketing

email marketing

Go back to basics and focus on getting the small things about your email campaign right. If you have any other ideas about improving email campaigns, share them in the comments section below or on Twitter.

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