Why blog – here are 10 good reasons why!

Do you need that little bit more convincing to write a blog? Or have you started one and run out of ideas how to add new posts? A blog is great way to tell potential customers who you are, what you do and how you work. And millions of people read them!

how to blog

Here are our 10 good reasons to start blogging or to be a better blogger.

  1. Drives traffic to your website regular posts keep your website fresh and insightful and gives people a reason to revisit.
  2. Engage with your audience – aim to provide useful information, ‘how to’ guides, consider how you can solve their business problems.
  3. Makes SEO sense – it’s good for search and you have potential to add keywords to improve search rankings.
  4. Source original content communicate regularly and build up a meaningful relationship to encourage recipients to purchase in time, not immediately!
  5. Collaborate with others – invite guest posts, interview with partners or customers to help maintain interest and interaction.
  6. Establish a reputation – be open and engaging and record real-life experiences to help build trust and encourage referrals.
  7. Share expertise – be passionate about passing on your knowledge, your style can be less formal than a corporate website.
  8. Showcase products – offer ‘behind the scenes’ information about your products and encourage customers to share comments.
  9. Content for newsletters – blogging content can be recycled and used for social media and newsletters.
  10. Add podcasts/videocasts – record interviews and upload YouTube or Vimeo content; embed links to encourage others to pass along.

If you need a blog or want to share ideas about improving your blog, mention them in the comments section below or share on Twitter.

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