What is GP engagement? Top 10 tactics for a GP toolkit

GP engagement is critical for a healthcare provider if they want to launch and promote existing or new services.

GPs require bespoke marketing and engagement programmes. Before you consider your tactical checklist, you will need to agree your GP engagement goals and confirm how will your tactical actions reflect these.

If you are a healthcare provider and considering a GP engagement programme, consider these channels of engagement.

GP engagement

Top 10 marketing engagement tactics for GPs

1. GP enewsletter – clearly establish your enewsletter objectives, for example is it to attract more GP referrals, stimulate interest in speciality services or promote consultant-led thought leadership? For each issue ensure content is relevant and current.

2. GP educational events – introduce a series of streamlined events. If you can secure a leading thought leader or specialist surgeon it will generate interest and satisfy GP educational needs to secure best practice knowledge.

3. GP protected website – set up a protected log in on your website to ensure approved access to directories, referral guides and online response forms which should have a quick turnaround for urgent enquiries.

4. GP practice surveys – it is important to gain a clear understanding of GPs’ needs by understanding the challenges they face; conduct paper or online surveys, collect and analyse feedback and aim to implement the improvements suggested.

5. GP webinars – provide content about the latest research about a specific speciality that can address existing challenges, signpost how to get support or find out more, provide electronic copies of research findings that can be easily downloaded as part of the webinar offer.

6. GP apps – GPs and healthcare professionals have the ability to send a patient an electronic copy of their information in real time; mobile health is growing significantly so consider how your services might benefit from a bespoke GP/healthcare professional app.

7. GP direct mail – can be the simplest, attention grabbing communication for busy GPs; the use of personalised postcards, for example, can get a campaign noticed and won’t break the budget and can also be a leave behind after a GP visit.

8. GP interactive chat – GPs are time poor so you could consider adding live elements to your website such as interactive chat or request an urgent call back to enable GPs to gain quick and easy access to specialist advice.

9. GP FAQs – share feedback from GPs with other GPs to ensure there is a channel for new ideas engendering open and honest engagement; you could encourage questions via social media channels too.

10. GP targets for success – manage GPs’ level of interest in your services closely. Keep them continually informed and encourage ongoing two way communication, both offline and online.

Your programme should support GPs to keep up to date with the latest research, new guidelines and best practice. Share your webinar campaign thoughts below or on Twitter.

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