What are healthcare webinars? Top 10 insights

Healthcare webinars are online learning events that can be accessible from home, a GP practice or on the move.

Healthcare webinars can be live or on-demand which makes it convenient and flexible for medical professionals to keep up to date with the latest research, new guidelines and best practice.

If you are a healthcare provider and considering embarking on starting webinars, take a look at this checklist.

healthcare webinar

Top 10 insights into webinars

1. Goal setting – clearly establish your needs and objectives, decide why you want to run a webinar, for example is it to attract more GP referrals, stimulate interest in speciality services or promote consultant-led thought leadership.

2. Project manager – assign a project leader for the webinar or series of webinars who will take responsibility for co-ordinating content, design, technical delivery within timescales and remember to ensure to plan your webinar will be available to view on multiple devises.

3. Compelling content – respond to GP needs and provide content about the latest research about a specific speciality that can address existing challenges, how to get support or find out more, copies of research findings can all be downloaded there and then.

4. Engaging speakers – if you can secure a leading thought leader or specialist surgeon it will generate interest and satisfy GP educational needs for best practice knowledge. Panel Q&As can also work well, but ensure it fits with your assigned length of webinar say 15 or 50 minutes.

5. Marketing campaign – start marketing your webinar event at least four weeks in advance, but if you can get the registration page set up early, start promoting it six to 12 weeks in advance to secure online attendance.

6. Promotional offer – consider what’s in it for healthcare professional, will they get CPD points, will they get an opportunity to ask a question to the headline speaker, will they get access to unique content that others won’t such as an eBook.

7. Marketing channels – ensure you segment your healthcare professional database to ensure your target recipient list is appropriate to the webinar subject and promote through social media, blog posts, email or online advertising.

8. Live or scheduled – if your speaker consultants have busy schedules it may make sense to prerecord, you can also ensure that all content is correct and edited before delivering to the audience, it is still possible to include live elements such as interactive chat.

9. Interactive engagement – use animations and video clips to make the content come to life, you could encourage conversation by using an ‘ask a question’ button, you could also add social media integration to your webinar with a Twitter feed and use a specific hashtag.

10. Targets for success – revisit your goals and objective, have you achieved what you set out to do? Review the number of registrations and attendees, does it match your initial objectives? Don’t forget you can still send the on-demand recording to contacts to keep marketing content.

This webinar checklist will help you consider the best structure for your healthcare content and planning, set goals and execute successful and measured marketing campaigns. Share your webinar campaign thoughts below or on Twitter.

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