Hospital Social Media Strategy – top insights for 2015

Social Media Strategy for Hospital’s – top insights for 2015

Many hospitals now include social media as an integral part of their marketing and communication strategy. What are the hospital social media to-do’s in 2105? If you want to get heavily engaged with healthcare professionals and patients consider these useful tips. Try not to be too promotional as hospitals are viewed as a trusted healthcare knowledge authority.

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1. Post video – post videos on YouTube and Facebook, Facebook reports daily views of 4 billion video posts per day, if patients believe the video is relevant to their needs they will watch it and share it with friends.

2. Promoted posts – invest in promoted posts on Facebook and select those that will drive conversions so you can measure their effectiveness. Community related posts are more shareable and will perform better organically.

3. Specific content – consider hospital content with compelling headlines, special interest quizzes, health living tips and advice for the family and link to monthly awareness campaigns.

4. Separate channels – the same piece of content will not work across all social platforms, think light hearted content on Facebook, how-to content on Pinterest, intellectual on LinkedIn and Twitter, videos on YouTube, photos on Instagram.

5. Real-time Marketing – reply, share and comment on healthcare stories as they unfold. Schedule some posts and pick and choose hashtags relevant to your services and possibly try live tweeting to relevant healthcare TV shows.

6. Partner bloggers – 81% of US consumers trust advice and information from blogs, consider reaching out to local healthcare groups and tell stories relevant to their healthcare interest.

7. Use Pinterest – healthcare content posted on Pinterest is recyclable because people pin and repin. Patients using Pinterest are keen to digest healthcare information, so make an effort to appeal to that focussed mind set.

8. Important news – people turn to social media to learn about breaking news and current events, share hospital updates, health warnings and information, post updates to keep patients and the local community in the loop.

9. Guest post blogging – introduce guest posts written by healthcare professional, maybe offer private tours of a new maternity wing or a review of well-being counselling services.

10. Patient engagement – consider how social media can be a channel for patients to share their concerns and find support from others, encourage patients to post their story and ask questions, the hospital can join the conversation to provide medical advice.

As we move into the future, we predict that social media will become more about one-to-one communication, starting meaningful conversations, driving long-term engagement. Social media can be a space to encourage support and help patients achieve their health goals. Share your marketing campaign thoughts below or on Twitter.

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