Who are you talking to on your website? How to create a persona checklist

Your website needs to be in the right place at the right time attracting the right people. You want to attract visitors that you can market to and convert into customers. So you need to clearly define who you are talking to. One way to do this is to create personas.

Personas are fictional characters created to represent the different types of user that you would like to visit your website. You are likely to have different types of customer and they each speak differently, search differently and think differently. But when they find your website they all think “What’s in it for me?”

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Here’s how to create a persona checklist.

1. Existing customers – who makes you the most money, who is easy to work with and comes back for more business?

2. Review ideal customers – which ones would you be proud of having? Are they with a competitor? Create an ideal list.

3. Demographics – what age are your ideal customers? Gender, education (do either matter?)

4. Where are they – do you want to attract local, national or international customers?

5. Do they need you – how can you satisfy their demand and what are their pain points? e.g. minimal budget but need more support.

6. Online behaviour – monitor their social media activity and identify the sort of words they are searching for online.

7. Refer and monitor – identify those customers that are happy to spread your good word and monitor the trends they are influenced by.

8. Confront challenges – do they have a goal they can’t achieve? Can you provide simple solutions to resolve this.

9. Meet expectations – what’s important to them (e.g. price, quality, timeframe, budget), can you meet these expectations?

10. Create bios – for your ideal customer, even give a name and a story, make them human to understand them.

Spending the time to clearly identify your client personas will help you to attract and engage new customers. Share your persona comments in the section below or on Twitter.

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