What’s the big deal about big data in healthcare?

There are lots of data gathered within healthcare organisations, but this is not always shared across the marketing and IT departments. The focus should be about being patient-centric in digitised world.

In healthcare marketing, we’re keen to capture the right data to create personas that will give an insight into patient preferences, searches, concerns and social media behaviour. Combined, this is a big bundle of data.

Healthcare Connect IT has gathered some interesting facts and figures that sheds light on the usefulness of big data in healthcare.

big data in healthcare

big data in healthcare

Top 10 insights into big data in healthcare

1. 90% of the world’s data was created in the last two years; in 2017 there will be increasing digitization of healthcare.

2. Big data can support and empower patients to self-care and improve the continuity of their wellness journey.

3. A study the McKinsey Global Institute found that if big data was applied effectively, the US healthcare sector could make $300 billion in savings every year.

4. The clever use of big data can help increase awareness of utilising new prevention technologies to help improve patient outcomes and cutting costs.

5. 80% of patient information is unstructured, so for example data from a doctor’s dictation after a patient meeting, it is not formally structured, chunked or categorised.

6. A stronger emphasis to transform big data into meaningful information can help improve patient communication and efficiency of patient care.

7. In 2017, providers should focus on developing new user-friendly support systems to interpret data which would save time and money and in turn improve patient outcomes.

8. If data is pooled and applied to specific treatments like breast cancer it can help improve medical practices throughout the whole patient pathway.

9. Pharma companies can potentially use data analytics to curtail the rise of clinical trials by integrating patient data that sits in operational silos, such as in HR and finance.

10. By 2020, 50 billion smart devices will be connected which will contribute to the global supply of data to more than double every two years.

There are big challenges ahead for data yet big opportunities too. Consider how much you could save with additional data insights to achieve additional revenue!

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