Top 10 tips to create a compelling tourism website

When considering content and design for a tourism website, focus on the visitor or user experience. 148.3 million travel bookings are made online each year, so you need to make sure that your tourism website has above all easy bookable forms and is mobile friendly.

To create original, compelling content for a tourism website can be a challenge, so here are some tips and advice to help make it a key digital channel to increase visits to your destination.

Tourism website

Tourism website

10 tips to create a tourism website

1. Audience – research your audience so you can make sure your content is useful and relevant on every page. Whether it’s content for a family, retired couples or young adventurers, ensure for example they can access weather information, search for accommodation, find up and coming local events relevant to their travel needs.

2. Design – to keep design simple and captivating isn’t always easy; ensure that every page is consistently branded; remember too that people like to find things easily on the home page. So they should be able to select forthcoming events, search for accommodation from the home page.

3. Imagery – must be appealing, inspiring and distinctive, people will connect more visually with a beautiful shot of a location or property and where possible ensure images are captioned and have accompanying relevant content and searchable key words.

4. Mobile friendly – if hotels, airlines, and online travel sites optimize their websites for mobile bookings people will find it a simpler and easier path to purchase and book their trips instantly on the go.

5. Call to action – write engaging, visible calls to action, like ‘make a booking’, ‘download a brochure’ so visitors can easily book a room, schedule a trip or purchase an event ticket. Provide useful downloads based on visitor requests and ensure that they can be printed easily and or viewed on a mobile

6. Video – images can be complemented by video, video can create an emotive story to show where you can walk, stay, visit; when people spend 50% more time a month watching YouTube videos every year , it indicates that there is a huge growth and demand potential to use video on your tourism website.

7. Sort searches – this should be done for accommodation, events and attractions; for example sort accommodation by quality, price, distance from, if online booking is available, type (hotel, guest house, camping etc.) and available facilities.

8. Layout – keep the landing pages simple, you need to keep your visitors on the site and search to find out more, 65% same day hotel reservations made from a smartphone so make sure this type of page can be accessed quickly on a mobile.

9. Structured content – keep important content ‘above the fold’ so visitors don’t need to scroll too far down, use sub headings to help the user and search engines, use bulleted lists to make it easier digest. and add internal links to provide context to the website.

10. Social media – ensure you integrate your social media channels to widen the potential to funnel visitors to book and visit on your website, this is a useful channel too to capture feedback, encouraging people to leave comments, make recommendations and reviews.

Overall, regularly review your website content and continually identify areas for improvement. Keep your messaging consistent, promoting the unique selling points of your offering.

Whether it’s through striking imagery or captivating videos show the personality of your location or accommodation. Above all be open feedback, good or bad, so reach out and listen to your customers

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