Top 10 facts about Facebook – 1 billion users in 2012

Facebook has passed the one billion users mark and launched a video campaign to celebrate. Facebook allows you to get connected and have real conversations with real people. For businesses, more than ever before, you can have a ‘real-time’ voice.

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Here’s our top ten insights about Facebook.

1. It started – in 2007, originating in the US to ‘open up’ networks. In 2009, Facebook tried to buy Twitter for $500 million.

2. How many use it? –  there are one billion active users and 85% sign in daily.

3. How long for? – the average user spends more than 75 minutes per day on Facebook.

4. Good for business4 million businesses have active pages to grow and nurture fan-based communities.

5. PC log in70% of users log in as soon as they start up their PC. And 600 million access it via a mobile device.

6. Who uses it? – people with low income and low-educated individuals spend more time on Facebook. Women are generally more active than men on Facebook and the median age is 22.

7. Photo friendly – 300 million images / photos are uploaded per day. It’s estimated 265 billion have been uploaded since Facebook began.

8. Best day to post? – Wednesday’s the busiest day where usage peaks at 3pm.

9. Top countriesconnecting to Facebook are  No.1 United States, No.2 Brazil, No.3 India, No. 4 Indonesia and No. 5 Mexico.

10. Facebook video – to celebrate passing the one billion user mark, Facebook created its first brand video. The ’Things That Connect Us’.

There are lots of opportunities to grow an active Facebook community, but you need a social media strategy to encourage followers to find you and produce content they want.

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