LinkedIn hits 10 million in UK – top ten insights

In social media marketing terms, LinkedIn is the most ‘grown-up’ of professional networking sites. Now with more than 10 million members in the UK alone, it’s really come to dominate this part of the market.

LinkedIn in the UK 10m

LinkedIn in the UK 10m

Here’s our top ten insights about LinkedIn.

1.       Total users – 175 million users in 200 countries;  25 million added since start of 2012.

2.       New members – LinkedIn is adding two members per second.

3.       What happens – users build their business and professional contacts into an online network.

4.       Invite only – it has a ‘gated access approach’ where you need an existing connection to link to another user.

5.       Corporate space – there are more than 2 million company pages.

6.       Strong growth – in the UK  it has added around seven million members in the last three years.

7.       UK in top 3 – beaten only by the United States and India.

8.       Biggest industries – on LinkedIn in the UK are IT and Services, Financial Services and Construction.

9.       Groups most followed –  by UK members are Transforming Recruitment Online, The UK Marketing Network and Social Media Marketing.

10.   UK professionals united – one out of five British professionals are now LinkedIn members.

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