Get the most out of your exhibitions – top 10 tips

Exhibitions may seem expensive, but they are the perfect opportunity for one-to-one networking. Interacting with local businesses can make all the difference where quite literally you can put a face to a name. You have one chance to get it right – so make the most of your investment.

exhibition considerations

exhibition considerations

Here are top 10 tips to get the most out of exhibitions.

1. Choose the right one – do your research and make sure you exhibit where the right people will attend.
2. Make an impact – maximise your presence, use innovative ideas to attract visitors to your stand.
3. Promote in advance – get in contact with the organiser’s marketing team to optimise the opportunity of making contacts in advance.
4. List on website – promote your stand on your website and invite businesses to meet you.
5. Pre-book – aim to set up meetings or one-to-one demos in advance for the day.
6. Check prospects – do your homework and check to see if your hot prospects are going, arrange to meet.
7. Best showman – choose the staff that are enthusiastic and passionate about your business to man your stand.
8. Capture contacts – record contact details at the stand, incentivise visitors to exchange their details.
9. Follow-up – be prepared to build relationships and follow-up contacts your met on the day.
10. After the event – do a follow-up blog, share your experience on the social networks.

Above all, make the effort to do it right and make the most of the opportunity to generate more business.

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