Don’t make these websites mistakes in 2013 – top 10 things to remove

To kick-start 2013 alexandrapatrick has reviewed website mistakes – the sort of things that will make visitors leave a website and they can be quickly fixed.


Here’s our top 10 website problems to deal with in 2013.

1. No search option – if you have an ecommerce site and don’t have a search option, you really should know better, how many customers will just give up and not purchase?!

2. Font size is too small – this makes it difficult to browse and be generally ‘unfriendly’ particularly for users of tablets and smartphones.

3. Instant pop-ups – as soon as you land on a website, a pop-up is in your face. Add a time delay for the pop-up to appear so that visitors can read the content.

4. Too much scrolling – it’s a real pain for a visitor to have to scroll down horizontally to get to the content they are interested in, some websites force vertical scrolling too.

5. Filling in forms – if a password is required to be entered in a certain way, make sure these instructions are clear upfront, it can be frustrating and you could lose a potential customer.

6. App reminders – having messages to ‘install the latest version’ every time a visitor returns to it can be irritating, so make sure they can switch it off.

7. Remember me – some sites cannot remember who the visitor is and whether they are logged in or not – fix that!

8. No new tabs – when shopping online, it’s useful to able to open a link in a new tab. Many sites don’t give this option.

9. Don’t force sign-ups – if you want people to sign-up for a new service, it’s poor to give them no option but to sign up to Facebook or Twitter to find out more.

10. Original images – try and avoid using stock photos for your website. Consider investing in original content or crowdsource from your own social communities.

Undoubtedly we’ll have missed some of your pet hates, so share your comments below or on Twitter.

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