10 easy to follow tips to create a content marketing strategy

Content marketing is about storytelling. A content marketing strategy outlines how to create, publish and distribute content to your key audiences.

Every business wants to attract readers, viewers, listeners to find out more about their business or brand. So you must give something back to get new customers and sustain the loyalty of existing ones.

If it’s engaging content that people consider to be worthwhile or valuable they will revisit your website, converse on social media channels and in turn be more valuable to you.

content marketing strategy

10 tips for a content marketing strategy

1. Content goals – be clear about the unique value in the content you can provide and document the opportunities it can open up and obstacles you may encounter to deliver the strategy.

2. Specific audiences – describe in potted profiles the audiences you want to write content for, this means understanding their needs at different points of buying or using your product or service.

3. Content messages – outline your brand story, what makes you different from your competitors, how you can inspire, entertain and motivate your target audiences continually over time.

4. Content channels – detail the platforms or channels (both online and offline) you will use to tell your story and how they will connect together to communicate a cohesive brand conversation.

5. Share the process – whether you’re a big or small organisation, share your content plan to encourage individuals or teams to create and distribute content that is on message and aligned to the strategy.

6. Common components – determine the most common channels used for your strategy, such as social media networks, blogs, imagery, videos and content tools like ebooks, reports, infographics or webinars.

7. Monitor traffic – track the analytics of your content, the success of blog topics, how often striking imagery is shared, which videos that get the most views to you can invest in creating content that is cost-effective and will generate leads.

8. Assign responsibility – ensure there is a dedicated resource to manage and control the creation and design of content to ensure it attracts and delivers new business over time.

9. Optimise and innovate – remember to make the content SEO friendly, avoiding duplicating content across channels and create call to action design devises that can be clicked on easily to find out more.

10. Review and refresh – ensure your goals stay consistent and revisit your strategy to ensure it stays on target and relevant, that topics remain fresh and engaging

The content marketing strategy should be considered as a long term project to help expand the brand’s digital footprint and generate more business. Content marketing is about brand synergy to sustain a return on investment. Share your content marketing strategy thoughts below or on Twitter.

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