Healthcare Infographics – top 10 latest insights

We closely monitor the latest healthcare infographics. Healthcare infographics combine visuals and content to help patient’s and healthcare profesionals understand complex medical issues more easily.

Here are the latest healthcare infographics that we find visually appealing with lots of healthcare data.

Healthcare Infographics

1. Patients want to ‘feel the love’ of hospitals and providers – here are some insights about how to improve patient relationships.

2. Promoting good dental health in children – February is National Children’s Dental Health Month in the US, an observance full of fun facts on fluoride, fillings and flossing.

3. Keeping health care workers safe from injection mishaps – injections are hazards of working with patients, these injection safety steps are good reminders for healthcare professionals.

4. Medical screenings that extend lives – these provide information about age-appropriate health tests and checkups that can impede deadly diseases and lead better patient outcomes.

5. 8 creative ways to use Vine in health care marketing – known for its dependence on lengthy content, health care communicators are shifting gears to the six-second video format.

6. Recognising signs of depression – mental illness affects 65 million Americans age 65 and older, but only 10 percent receive treatment.

7. Tech tools that promote patient empowerment – in 2015, the number of e-visits to primary care physicians is expected to reach 100 million people worldwide.

8. Women and heart disease – heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women.

9. The escalation of prescription drug abuse – In 2013, roughly 24.6 million Americans admitted having used illicit drugs within the previous month.

10. EMRs help improve the patient experience – 82 percent of patients believe they receive better care when their physicians use electronic medical records.

We’re interested to find out your favourite healthcare infographics. We welcome you to share your thoughts below or on Twitter.

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