Top Google searches for 2013

As another year ends it’s fascinating to look at the top Google searches for 2013. What did people care about in 2013 and who made it on to Google’s ‘trending lists? Here’s our summary of the ‘most searched’.

Google searches for 2013

Google’s top ten trending highlights.

1. No. 1 spot – was Nelson Mandela, the South African anti-apartheid hero who died in December, followed by actor Paul Walker, who died in a car accident.

2. Top technology – iPhone 5S was the most searched tech gadget, launched in September 2013.

3. Top politician – Boris Johnson was the top trending politician, he was followed by Nick Clegg with the Prime Minister David Cameron coming in third.

4. How to – “How to make pancakes” was the top trending “how to?” search.

5. Events – The Grand National was the most searched for event, followed by Wimbledon; Ashes Cricket came in at number ten.

6. What is – “What is twerking” was the number one question.

7. Trending TV show – Eastenders was the most searched TV show but did not feature in the top 10 for 2012.

8. Must search movie – Man of Steel was the most searched movie in 2013, Skyfall came in at number six despite being released in 2012.

9. Top celebs – Kim Kardashian was the most searched celebrity and Miley Cyrus was number three, helped by her twerking undoubtedly.

10. Facebook – In a separate list of the most searched-for terms, Facebook was number one.

Take a look at the full listing here. Share your favourites by leaving a comment below or on Twitter.

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