Press release SEO tips – top 10

alexandrapatrick always aim to lead with attention grabbing headlines to secure coverage with our press releases. But to help get your story discovered online, you need some press release SEO tips – ‘search engine optimisation’ (SEO) marketing.


Here’s our top 10 press release SEO tips.

1. Audience – always clearly define your goal and write the press release for your target audience.

2. Research – do your homework and research popular keyword phrases (one or two per press release).

3. Content – add target keyword phrases to the title, subheading and body of the copy (but you must know what they are!).

4. Not “click here” – use keyword phrases when linking to landing pages or other websites.

5. Media-rich – add images, video, audio to the release and create in alternative formats.

6. Conversations – if these are important to you, use tracking codes to monitor them.

7. Online newsroom – post the press release to your website news page and other online channels.

8. Blog version – write one to link back to the press release, maintaining the same messages.

9. Distribute – the press release via respected online wire services to gain wider coverage.

10. Monitor – press release rankings, social mentions, traffic and outcomes.

Do you have any SEO tips that we’ve missed? Share your PR and SEO comments in the section below or on Twitter.

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