Mobile websites – top 10 insights to make you think about being ‘mobile friendly’

Do you know if your website is ‘mobile friendly’? If your customers can buy online, they will expect a seamless, user-friendly mobile shopping experience. But it’s not just about buying, it’s often about sourcing information quickly on the go.

Here’s our top 10 mobile website insights.

1. Mobile money – £7.5 billion was spent through mobile devices in 2012.

2. Load time – if the load time of your website is deathly slow on a smartphone it could be due to the way it’s been designed; users may leave before it loads the first page.

3. Recommend a friend – Google research found 57% of mobile users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site.

4. Fast traffic – a fast mobile site can quickly turn mobile traffic into buying customers.

5. Easy navigation – Google believe 61% of people who don’t find what they are looking for using their mobile within five seconds will click away.

6. Trim content – your mobile version should be a smaller version of your main website, built for a small screen.

7. Bigger is better – check if your website (via a mobile) has big buttons to navigate easily, has easy to read text and simple menu options.

8. Competitive edge – 40% of users will turn to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience; you need to capture their attention while you have it.

9. Click to call – over 90% of mobile users are looking for an address and contact information when they visit a mobile website; make sure they can find it in one or two clicks.

10. Happier with an app – 85% of consumers favour apps over mobile websites.

In summary, if you have a smart, fast loading mobile website it will impress your existing customers and attract new ones. It can boost your bottom line and importantly improve your brand image. If you wish to share your mobile website thoughts, please leave a comment below or on Twitter.

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