Winter’s (officially) here. Great.

According to the Met Office, winter officially starts on December 1. In sunnier climes this date also marks the end of the tropical hurricane season. Here’s the view from my front door earlier today and one taken in the tropics just a few short months ago.

snow in kent

Guess where I’d rather be right now?

bequia, west indies

Winter’s come early this year. Way too early. It’s going to be an expensive season attempting to keep us all warm (just ordered £600 of heating oil which will only last a couple of months). These chocolate coins won’t go far!

snowy chocolate coins

Anyway, my wife sees an opportunity in all this bleak midwinter stuff. Inpsired by Julia Parson’s ‘Snow Day Bake-Off’ she suggests “Why don’t you take some shots of a hot, dark chocolate pudding against the cold white snow?”. “What a great idea” came my reply (through gritted teeth).

snowy chocolate pudding

Note that she gets the easy bit – knocking up a few cakes in a warm kitchen…

snowy cupcakes

…while I try to operate my camera with fingers that are getting ever more numb. Wives – don’t you just love them?

So here are the results…

chilly warm chocolate cake

… see if you think it was worth the effort!

snowcapped brownies

Duncan Callow

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