Something for nothing – top ten ways to gain free publicity

There are more opportunities than ever before to gain free publicity to promote your product, company or cause. Media coverage for a small business can mean more business. It’s a useful way to increase your profile.

free pr

free pr

Here’s our top 10 free publicity tips.

1. Go direct – write and distribute direct to the journalists/editors and focus your distribution carefully, make it relevant to the reader.
2. Be social – participate on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and share your news regularly.
3. Great shots –  you’ve a better chance of coverage with excellent high resolution photography.
4. Get personal – get to know reporters specific to your industry and help them out by offering your expert opinion.
5. Shoot videos – shoot short videos about your product or cause and post on YouTube and other video-sharing websites. It could go viral.
6. Eye-catching headline – write a press release that grabs attention and has a strong opening introduction.
7. Make it newsworthy – try and connect your story to something amusing or controversial, or link to a well-known place or person.
8. Award-winning – if you’ve won an award or achieved industry accreditation, shout about it to gain wider recognition.
9. Local charity – consider supporting a local community cause, whether it’s speaking at an event or offering your expertise to help their out.
10. Balancing act – free publicity is great, but make sure you don’t neglect your other marketing efforts to raise your profile.

So there are opportunities out there, just make sure you’re patient and persistent. Dovetail your offer to what readers want to read about.

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