Social media trends in 2015 – top ten key insights to consider for business

In 2015, so far, there is a number of interesting social media trends that are worth watching as we look ahead to 2016. So if you are looking towards planning your social media budget for 2016, these insights might help you consider what to spend time and money on in the future.

social media trends 2015

Top 10 social media trends in 2015

1. Share of social media for business – most businesses view three networks to engage customers, 93% Facebook, 79% Twitter and 71% LinkedIn.

2. Facebook is a pivotal video platform – 50% of Facebook users watch at least one video on this social network per day.

3. Mobile first – from a survey of 3,720 marketers around the world, 75% of all video views from Facebook occur on mobile devices.

4. E-commerce features – more social networks are offering e-commerce features, for example Facebook, Twitter and Google offer “buy” buttons.

5. Content rich social media – Pinterest is growing in popularity, for example there has been a 96% increase in men’s fashion pins in 2015.

6. What’s shared on Facebook – 53% of views on Facebooks come from video shares, the News Feed is expected to be mostly video in the next five years.

7. Messaging apps – these are increasing in popularity, in fact six of the world’s 10 most used apps are messaging apps.

8. Brand reputation – in 2015 brands are relying on social media to enrich, differentiate and improve brand reputation by responding to customer queries responsible and on time.

9. Rise of wearable tech – has moved on from wearing for simple tasks, for example, in healthcare doctors are becoming increasingly interested in how wearable tech can be used to provide information about health.

10. Vlogging channels – out of the top 100 most subscribed YouTube channels, 17 provide vlogs as their primary style of footage, showcasing an amazing opportunity for brands to get involved.

These are some of the key social media trends in 2015. We’re interested to hear your thoughts so far in 2015, please share your ideas in the comments section below or on Twitter.

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