School dinners for grown-ups

Don’t know about you, but my experience of school food is pretty grim.

Initially in Scotland (I can smell the Haggis now), then at a large boarding school in the English midlands, the fare was pretty unappetising, unappealing and unpalatable. How things have changed.

chocolate sponge and raspberries

Last week I was invited to shoot school food as prepared by several entrants to the School Chef of the Year competition. And we’re not talking turkey twizzlers here.

Italian meatballs and spaghetti

Just look at this fare – it wouldn’t look or taste out of place in some fine dining establishments, and all available to buy for just £1.95 for two courses.

salmon en croute

The kitchens were impeccable too. Kitted out with the latest top-notch kit it was clear that the chefs preparing the meals felt that their efforts could be taken seriously. Right tools, right state of mind for cooking. It was a real eye-opener for me.

stylised vegetables

And whilst some of the crockery and props were brought in for the shoot, the food itself is pretty much as it’s sold to the students – the vast majority of whom love what they’re presented with.

chocolate sponge and fruit

Right food, right state of mind for studying. Eat that Jamie Oliver.

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