Florida food fest

Last week I was lucky enough to spend a few days in sunny south Florida. Flew into Miami (the meal on the plane was more than acceptable) then drove the 70 miles or so north to West Palm Beach. As you’d expect, the weather was perfect (low humidity, no thunderstorms, just endless blue sky). Surprisingly, the food was pretty good too.

Selection of cheese

Now, the US isn’t exactly renowned for its haute cuisine – think donuts, fried chicken, ice cream etc. in vast proportions. Of course there is plenty of junk food around. But in Florida – a state blessed with abundant supplies of fish, fruit and vegetables – it’s pretty easy to eat well and healthily (cheaply).

Take a look at this sushi dish served up for lunch last Friday. Simple, clean, fresh, local and tasty. And only eleven bucks!

Florida Sushi

On a night out at a local eatery we dined on lightly dusted grouper, coriander infused rice and mango salad. All cooked with passion and flair, delivering bucket loads of taste. Breakfast in the hotel was dominated by Florida citrus – the most divine grapefruit imaginable. Sweet, easy to peel and ultra low-calorie – so that gorging on fries and beer at lunchtime wasn’t quite the guilty affair that it could have been.

Ice cold beer

Can’t wait to go back.


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