Does your business need an app?

There’s a thriving market in smartphone applications, or ‘apps’. But do you know which one is best for you? Or if indeed you should have one at all?

Apps are widely available for mobile devices and desktops – many people are using them to manage their business on the move. Some have taken the leap to develop their own. However, they’re not cheap. The average cost to develop an app is around £4,000 and can sky rocket to much more!


Here’s our top ten app insights:

1. Stay in touch – excellent way to connect with customers e.g. use the Skype app for audio contact and Hootsuite to communicate one message to different social networks at once
2. Blog anywhere – write a blog and publish it anywhere with the WordPress app.
3. Location, location – share information about specific locations with Foursquare.
4. Keep on track – use the FedEx app to track every move of incoming and outgoing packages; very useful to increase productivity and add value to your customer service.
5. Share easily – use Dropbox to share large files with clients and colleagues at the same time on the move. You can also upload photos and images in an instant.
6. Develop your own – do your research; see if your app idea is marketable and find a developer to build your concept.
7. Good looking app – once the techy development is complete you will need a designer to make it look good. Do your homework and find a designer to make sure the branding is spot on.
8. Do a demo – consider creating a video that shows how to use your app. Clearly explain what the app does and why it is useful in real-life.
9. Register the app – make sure you have a good description for your app so it stands out from your competitors. The process can be complex and long-winded.
10. Promote with links – download your mobile app on your blog, website’s home page, marketing emails, and on your social media accounts.

Above all, keep focussed on your goal to gain downloads which will generate more revenue. Sharing on social networks can help increase these.

If you have any other ideas about mobile apps, share them in the comments section below or on Twitter.

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