Healthcare marketing campaigns – top 10 steps

Healthcare marketing campaigns are being continually shaped by new digital technology. We have summarised 10 steps to help you run a successful healthcare campaign. For any channel or area of healthcare it’s about engaging people and achieving realistic outcomes. It’s all about the planning.

10 steps to achieve a successful healthcare marketing campaign

healthcare marketing campaigns

1. Set objectives – produce a campaign brief that summarises why you are running it, what you want to achieve, identifies your online and offline audiences, and shows timings and budget.

2. Plan the campaign – write a detailed activity schedule with set timescales covering pre-awareness, awareness and follow up; it’s a road map to keep actions on track.

3. Clear messaging – agree core messages that are aligned to your brand values with a supporting memorable strapline to summarise the purpose of the campaign; be mindful of ‘what’s in it for me’ thinking.

4. Gain commitment – identify the key people/stakeholders required to ‘buy in’ to the campaign and understand their motivations and priorities.

5. Secure resources – consider resources in terms of key people, financial support required, additional materials, ascertain if you can ‘piggy back’ on any other ongoing marketing activity and existing in-house or external support.

6. Engagement channels – select appropriate online and offline channels that can be seamlessly integrated to achieve your objectives of engaging patients and influencing a positive change in attitudes or behaviours.

7. Campaign toolkit – collate a cohesive kit to execute the campaign and engage effectively throughout the customer journey; consider existing collateral, allowing time for production if new bespoke material is required.

8. Implementation/delivery -split into three phases; pre-awareness, awareness and post campaign follow-up and ensure there is a consistent quality throughout.

9. Campaign evaluation – measure and report on engagement results against your brand strategy and targeted campaign plus refine the tactical actions based on your insights to meet the set objectives.

10. Strategic review – audit the campaign cycle through consultation and capture feedback good and bad to shape future campaigns.

These practical steps should help you plan a successful healthcare campaign that supports your brand strategy and integrates across your marketing channels. In turn, your healthcare marketing campaign will be informed and responsive. Share your marketing campaign thoughts below or on Twitter.

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