The regal raspberry

Nature (and our good friend Brian) have been very good to us this summer. The perfect combination of sun and rain added to Brian’s very green fingers, have led to a bountiful supply of seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Right now the raspberry season is just about coming to an end. And what a bumper crop we’ve enjoyed. Brian owns a very large plot next to us (think small market garden) and spends practically every waking moment on it tending to his beloved plants.


The raspberry canes have only been in for two seasons yet already they’re cropping heavily, producing plump and juicy fruit. As we greedily finish one punnet, another mysteriously appears by the front door. Could it be possible to have a better, more productive neighbour than Brian?

Anyway, what to do with nature’s bounty? We’ve made jam, sponge puddings, upside down cakes, meringues, coulis, fools and muffins.


But this long hot summer my favourite has been an old classic; raspberry ripple ice-cream. What a joyous expression of a classic British fruit and so easy to make.


As the season draws to a close there’s still so much to look forward to – chillies, onions, leeks, sprouts, cabbages, more tomatoes, cucumbers, pears…And in case you’re wondering what’s in it for Brian, the answer is a continuous supply of cakes, cookies and muffins, all of which will also feature on these pages. Not subject to any exchange rate problems, our currency works perfectly for us.

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