Shooting game

It’s currently National Taste of Game Fortnight (here “game” is defined as wild animals or birds hunted for food or sport, not the board or electronic variety).

roast partridge

I’ve shot (with my camera) quite a bit of game this year and worked with some wonderful individuals who work in the industry. They all tend to be passionate about what they do and have a love of the countryside. Littered with larger than life characters, the game industry is not for the faint hearted.

eurofair 2010

Game’s enjoying something of a renaissance – it’s a tasty, low-fat, high protein alternative to some of the more usual meats seen on our plates. But (for some people at least), eating game is a bit controversial. Deer, duck, partridge etc. all conjure up different images to different people.

duck & juniper

But from what I’ve seen, the game that’s eaten has generally had a much better life than the factory-fed chickens and hormone-injected cows that end up in shrink wrapped plastic on our supermarket shelves. It’s really a case of horses for courses (and no, I haven’t shot any viande de cheval this year!).

venison & damson

From a photographic perspective, game is often a pleasure to work with. Rich in colour, it complements fruit, sits well in pies and roasts up a treat. The chefs I’ve worked with know how to balance the (sometimes) strong flavour and the result is usually a feast for the eye. So I say celebrate British game this winter – I can’t wait to get shooting again!

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