Britain at its Best

We Brits do love to knock ourselves. It’s part of our national make-up. Always deriding the state of the weather, our roads and our cuisine.

english crumpets

I agree about the roads – the pothole situation is pretty dire and getting worse. But for the past couple of weeks we’ve enjoyed almost unbroken sunshine and long warm days. And don’t get me started about our food – it’s what we do best. Right now we’re all looking forward to the Easter break and that wedding. It should be a time to remind ourselves why Britain is great. Forget about chicken korma, doner kebabs and Polish lager for a bit. Go native!

sausages & mash

Out in the garden things are really coming to life. The seedlings are thriving, the spuds are in and the lettuce is only a week or so away from harvesting. We had our first British asparagus last night. Truly delicious and guilt-free (the stuff from South America has to come such a long way).

british lamb

British lamb is now at its finest and can be served in so many ways. For truly classic British dishes think fish and chips, roast beef, homemade pies, sausages and strong cheeses. Desserts are something else – from elegant rhubarb treats to apple pie and custard, fresh cream ice cream and strawberries! We really have so much to be proud of.

rhubarb dessert

So at this time of year do try to think British. Avoid reaching for the first ready-meal in the supermarket chiller cabinet (Heston’s right royal trifle is probably OK). Ask the butcher for a piece of new season British lamb, steam some asparagus, and serve it with a portion of thick cut chips. Follow with a sticky dessert of your choice. If the sun’s still shining and you just have to get the BBQ out, stick on some proper sausages and wash down with real English ale.

bbq sausages

Whether you’re a Royalist or an anarchist, Britain is at its best right now.

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