A camera’s for life, not just for Christmas

This week I took a call from a good client, let’s call him Camerashy, that went something like this “I’ve just bought myself a rather nice digital SLR with a couple of lenses. But I haven’t a clue how to use it. Help!”

Now I don’t suppose that Camerashy’s story is that unusual. In fact, I reckon it’s being played out in homes and businesses throughout the UK. As I see it, there are many amateur photographers out there who feel constrained by what their digital compacts and camera phones can offer them.


So they’re “moving up” to digital SLRs – and the full range of lenses and kit that come with them. They want to be able to take quality images of their children and grandchildren, just like the one above. And who can blame them – the technology is now so advanced and the prices so competitive that pro-style results ought to be attainable by even the greenest of amateurs. If pros like me can shoot exclusively digitally, why can’t the likes of Camershy invest in a nice piece of kit and cut us out of the picture (no pun intended)?

behind the lens

Well, if Camerashy’s experience is anything to go by, the manufacturers might have gone just a little too far in stuffing their latest digital offerings with too many gizmos, features and buttons. We need to make things simpler.

Yesterday, I made a detour to Camerashy’s factory to offer him a helping hand with his new toy (like many business owners, he wants to be able to use his camera for commercial as well as personal purposes). Any regular readers will know I mostly shoot with a Nikon D3S. Just over a year ago it cost me a shade under £4,000 – but it’s never let me down.