Top 10 facts about Healthcare apps – changing digital healthcare

Mobile apps help doctors and patients alike and are contributing to a digital revolution in healthcare. Healthcare apps are designed to make something that should be rather complex very simple.

healthcare apps

Here’s our top ten facts about healthcare apps.

1. Market value – mobile health apps are estimated to be worth around £255 million by 2016.

2. How many – there are more than 50,000 health apps to choose from.

3. Medical apps – doctors can view x-ray results, track symptoms and help diagnose, monitor and treat many common diseases.

4. Patient apps – one of the most popular are ‘wellness’ apps for maintaining a healthy diet, fitness regime and mental state.

5. Patient benefits – health apps provide patient control, encouraging self-care, support for mental health and encouraging fitness and well-being.

6. Medical device apps – such as heart rate monitors, have a controlling function that play an informative role in assessing bodily functions and conditions.

7. Usage statistics – a recent survey of surgeons aged 21-50 across the UK and Europe found 83.5% owned a smartphone or tablet and many responded as likely to use them for accessing medical information.

8. Regulation of apps – the NHS and the European Medicines Agency have instigated safeguards to prevent healthcare apps causing harm to consumers.

9. Doctor’s bible – the British National Formulary app contains information on thousands of medicines – their side-effects and doses to ensure the right medicine is prescribed safely.

10. The right app – in the UK, NHS Choices has created a library of ‘safe and trusted apps to help you manage your health’.

The smartphone has transformed advances in healthcare and marketers have an exciting opportunity to create better patient experiences. But the right ones must be used for both self-care and GP diagnosis. Share your healthcare app examples by leaving a comment below or on Twitter.

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