Where the rain doesn’t always fall…

Just back from a trip to beautiful West Cork in Ireland, a country renowned for its relentless rain and green fields.


Well, I was there for six days and not a drop of the wet stuff fell. Moreover, the grass isn’t so green at the moment – in fact, parts of Ireland have just experienced the driest August for many years. The light out there is something special, whatever the time of year.


This shot was taken early on, long before most of the locals had surfaced for the day. The weather was very calm, barely a breath of wind the entire time and certainly not enough to launch a kite. We have a place right on the coast where the conditions usually change by the hour.


Not this trip. A large area of high pressure kept things stable and calm throughout. This meant we were out all day every day, enjoying everything that early autumn has to offer.



I’m particularly pleased with this shot – taken in low light with a long exposure to give this steamy effect.


I didn’t take any serious camera kit with me, so food photo opportunities were limited. So you’ll have to take my word for it that we enjoyed some truly wonderful meals out – massive prawns caught just a few hours earlier, freshly landed hake, sweet mussels served with soda bread and locally churned butter.


Ireland is a foods lover’s paradise and Cork is particularly renowned for its super-fresh seafood and potatoes. But don’t go there to drink the wine – it’s pricey and of mixed quality. Stick with the black stuff.



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