How to create a successful digital marketing campaign

Have you ever admired a digital marketing campaign that just seemed to ‘get it’, -connects, engages, and entertains? To make a successful digital marketing campaign happen, it requires diligent effort, dedicated time and specialist resourcing.

You really can’t underestimate the amount of pre-planning involved before you go-live with a campaign. Following these useful tips should help shape your thoughts.

digital marketing campaign

digital marketing campaign

Top 10 tips for a digital marketing campaign

1. Personas – build detailed profiles of your target market, understand their background goals and challenges; it will take time but it’s worth it, find out more about developing personas.

2. Competitive analysis – it’s critical that you do your homework on your competitors; research how successfully they’re targeting new customers, and identify the digital marketing channels they use, review their social media presence and how they generate new business in this way.

3. Messaging – unravel the content that will resonate with your personas and differentiate you from the competition, what is your offer and how will it benefit your personas?

4. SEO keywords – identify the search keywords your personas are using online, which are the most relevant to optimise your content; utilise search tools to help your research and monitor the results of these keywords carefully to help improve your website’s search engine rankings.

5. Content strategy – review every page of content on your website and blog and consider how these can be refreshed to nurture new leads; prioritise those pages that require rework and rewrite to satisfy your persona’s buying needs.

6. Sales lead strategy – track and qualify leads from your various digital marketing channels, consider how new leads can be generated and track with an internal CRM; engage with your sales team and reinforce the importance of capturing insights to help improve sales conversion.

7. Email strategy – consider which personas will respond well to an email strategy, analyse your contact database and review who successfully responded in the past, what they shared with others and ensure the email marketing is integrated with your other digital channels.

8. Social media strategy – is about publishing content, monitoring interactions and developing engagement tactics; competitor analysis will help establish which platforms to consider, how often to post and which content builds strong connected communities.

9. Blog strategy – blogs help establish thought leadership and help convert visitors into leads but to make it work you need a strategy that captures popular content topics and keywords that help optimise these topics; engage experts to contribute to your posts to provide unique, fresh content.

10. SMART goals – goal setting will ensure your digital marketing campaign generates a return on investment; a SMART goal is (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound); everyone needs to sign up to these agreed goals and use them as a guide to continually monitor the campaign performance.

A successful digital marketing campaign needs thorough research and analysis to transform and take your business to the next profitable level.

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