Baker days

steamed chocolate pudding

My mum was always in the kitchen working up wonderful steamed puddings, Madeira cakes and Yorkshire puddings. With five hungry mouths to feed she became a skilled baker. Then along came my wife. Now she’s in another league altogether – her cakes, cookies and all things baked are a sight to behold (plus they taste pretty great too).

pink cupcake

So when I chose to give up the day job and concentrate solely on food photography, I had a ready supply of “fresh from the oven” models on which to cut my teeth. And if the photos didn’t look so great, at least I never went hungry!

homemade flapjacks

I’m told that there’s quite a bit of science involved in baking – it’s no good throwing in the ingredients and hoping for the best. It’s all about precision – I gues that’s why there is a Bakery Industry Awards 2011.

folding meringue