10 branding insights, how brands continue to evolve digitally and emotionally

Brands need to continually evolve to engage smart consumers. Successful brands identify emotional values to position themselves to be believable and a step ahead of their competitors.

We’ve sourced these recent insights about how brands need to continue to adapt and
differentiate to stand out.


1. Social connectivity – Coca Cola is the first brand to receive a dedicated Twitter emoji, a innovative way to build social connectivity.

2. Demographic decision making – 71% of female millennials won’t purchase without believing in the brand, authenticity is the key to trust and brand storytelling.

3. Too much information – from a survey of 2,000 adults, 29% of UK consumers feel brands share too many social media updates.

4. Real time – Michael Kors is the first brand to use Instagram’s new video advertising capabilities in the UK, it has a series of video clips showcasing its new footwear range.

5. Visual identity – Ryanair has toned down the colour scheme of its uniforms, marking latest move to reposition the budget airline as a ‘quality’ service.

6. Back to basics – Eight out of 10 UK consumers now buying supermarket own label products like Tesco (Everyday Value) and Asda (Smart Price).

7. Engaging live streaming – the launch of Twitter’s live streaming service, Periscope has opened up a whole new platform for brands and celebrities, who can share even more content with their fans.

8. Logo identity – Mini is planning a new product and brand strategy that will show the BMW-owned auto company release a paired back logo, new font and new visuals.

9. No.1 in publishing – the most engaging newspaper brand on Twitter is The Telegraph, if you want to develop a strong brand digitally, social media needs to be part of the package.

10. Storytelling – New research into the importance of brand storytelling has found that eight out of ten (79 per cent) UK adults want brands to tell stories as part of their marketing.

These are growing trends about how brands are emotionally engaging with their consumers. In 2015 there are ever more opportunities for digital brand engagement to open up new and profitable revenue channels. How does your brand engage? Share your comments below or on Twitter.

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