10 Facebook facts – why Facebook is still socially acceptable for businesses

It’s a fact one in every five minutes spent online is on social networks. And in August 2015, over 1 billion people used Facebook on a single day for the first time since its creation in 2004. In July 2015, Facebook quietly refreshed its brand logo with a number of minor changes to the typeface – this reinforced its need to not play around with its core visual brand identity.

We’ve been looking at some recent findings and here are our top 10 Facebook facts why it still remains socially acceptable for businesses.

facebook facts

1. Facebook context – Facebook is the largest social media property in the UK through acquiring Whatsapp and Instagram and with the development of Facebook Messenger.

2. Facebook reach – Facebook has 1.23+ billion monthly active users, 94.5+ million mobile users and 757+ million daily users.

3. Facebook demographics – the majority (97%) of all adults aged 16+ with a social media profile say they use Facebook, (48%) of those with a profile say they have one only on Facebook.

4. Videos – are the most shared post type on Facebook, averaging 89.5 shares per video, it has the highest level of engagement.

5. Time spent – the average U.S. Facebook user (222 million) spends 14 hours a month on their mobile Facebook News Feed.

6. Mobile share of time – Facebook owns 13% of all time spent on mobile devices, the majority of users watching videos.

7. When to post – posts published on a Sunday get 52.9% more interactions than the average Facebook post.

8. Facebook targeting – Facebook will soon be able to target ads based on what articles people ‘Like’ and ‘Share’, this is an important move for brand marketing.

9. Global spend – quarterly global spend on Facebook advertising has grown 114% year on year, with 63% of Facebook ad budgets directed towards mobile phones and tablets.

10. Like the dislike – Zuckerberg announced Facebook ‘dislike’ button to express empathy in September 2015, not everyone likes it.

Do you feel Facebook still has a place in your business? Or does LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+ have more relevance for you? Let us know how Facebook has worked for you, leave a comment below or on Twitter.

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