Planning an infographic – top 10 marketing tips

Infographic images have grown in popularity. Planning an infographic can be a fun way to present turgid data in an easy-to-digest format. Quality infographics continue to produce significant results in terms of attention and driving traffic to websites. The key is to focus on delivering something that is of genuine interest for a targeted audience.

infographic plan

To get the most out of an investment in infographics, consider these 10 tips.

1. Find data – that is sourced from research experts and is relevant to client needs.

2. Select a topic – and set goals and match the data making sure it is of high quality.

3. Create a story – with the data, plan the narrative logically and make it flow easily.

4. Sketch ideas – design to fit the purpose and make it a readable guide.

5. Look and feel – make sure the header grabs attention and has a strong title; spend time selecting the perfect font to convey your message and style.

6. Edit and redesign – make sure it has stepped points within the overall design so you can share sections.

7. Test – on someone that was not involved in the design process, a fresh pair of eyes.

8. Host and promote – create a blog post for the infographic and support through social channels.

9. Schedule tweets – about specific data points mentioned then over time link back to the infographic.

10. Create a video – explaining the infographic and promote it through YouTube and other video hosting services.

Sharing the data is the most important tip. There are plenty of good-looking, easy to understand infographics out there but they are a best kept secret because they are not shared. So use the relevant key words for optimisation to help increase link traffic and improve search visibility. Share your infographic thoughts in the section below or on Twitter.

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