Go green in Recycle Week – top 10 tips

Recycle Week is 18 – 24 June 2012 – it’s the perfect opportunity to see how easy it is to cut costs and save space. Why not get involved?

recycle at work

recycle at work

Here are 10 top tips to start recycling at work.

1. Find a recycling provider – keep it local and choose the services to suit your needs.
2. Set up a scheme – consider a day or event to launch your initiative, promote it with posters or an email campaign.
3. Make it convenient – position containers in a readily available place for plastic, paper and cans.
4. Collect for charity – encourage staff to pass on old mobile phones, computer equipment, and printer cartridges to charity. Often they’ll collect.
5. Close the loop – make it a policy to purchase office supplies and furniture that are made from recycled materials. Aim to use non-toxic cleaning products.
6. Go paperless – think before you print; consider if it could be read or stored online instead.  Give magazines to local GP/dental surgeries.
7. Turn it off – make a habit of turning off your computer and monitor when you leave for the day.
8. Smart printing – avoid colour printing, print on both sides and recycle toner and ink cartridges.
9. Reusable products – invest in reusable cups, plates, cutlery, use paperclips instead of staples.
10. Be bright about light – if it’s a bright day, work in natural light and turn off the lights when you leave the room for 15 minutes or more.

There’s an abundance of resources, free booklets (electronic of course!) to help get you started.

Every little bit does count. We want to hear your green ideas and share them in the comments section below or on Twitter.

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