Email marketing sign ups – top 10 useful tips

Do you think email newsletters increase enquiries or, indeed, sales? It can help you stay fresh in your customers’ minds and help build up that all important level of trust. So if you have an email sign up button on your website, but it’s not really working, read on.

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Here’s our top 10 email marketing sign up tips.

1. Offer something in return – offer an incentive to sign up, a special offer or discount.

2. Easy to find – make sure the sign up is at the top of your screen or ‘above the fold’ so you don’t have to scroll down.

3. Provide free content – offer a free download of an ebook or white paper.

4. Strategic placement – not all visitors land on your home page so consider putting the sign up box in a fixed position in the header or footer.

5. Data capture – make sure you add the data capture field on the page so the potential subscriber does not have to click through to another page to sign up.

6. Add to social media – post messages on Twitter and Facebook asking if they are on your enewsletter list.

7. Forward to a friend – if your customers believe in your product /services they will be willing to spread the word and pass on to a friend.

8. Position in email signature – add a hyperlink to your email newsletter after your normal sign-off information.

9. Privacy policy – have a policy laying out how subscribers’ information will or will not be used.

10. How often to receive – state clearly about the email frequency, whether it’s daily, monthly or quarterly.

Email marketing done properly can encourage customer loyalty. There are no tactics guaranteed to boost your email sign ups. However, at least you can have an exact return on investment by tracking the number of subscribers. Share your email marketing sign up comments in the section below or on Twitter.

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