Young people online statistics – a new generation of unhappy young people

The Children’s Society has conducted a study on the happiness levels of teenagers across the UK. The charity surveyed 30,000 children and young people; they found that 14% of 10-15 year old girls are unhappy in general, with some girls spending up to three hours every night on social media.

Online pressures are said to be a huge factor in young people’s unhappiness. Indeed the mental well-being of girls has worsened since 2005. Over the last decade The Children’s Society have asked over 60,000 children how they think their lives are going. In the The Children’s Society 2014 14% children aged 7 to 16 were bullied online, yet still the vast majority of bullying takes place at school, 78%.

Earlier this year, Childwise reported a major shift in UK children’s behaviour as time online overtakes time watching TV for first time ever.

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Young people online statistics – 10 facts

1. Online use – children age 5-16 now use the internet for an average of three hours a day, 15-16-year-olds spend 4.8 hours online.

2. Tablet ownership – has increased by 50% in a year, four in five children (79%) now live in a house with a tablet device in it, two in three (67%) now having their own device.

3. YouTube viewing – half children surveyed use the site every day, almost all do so on occasion.

4. YouTube viewing – the majority of children access music videos (58%), around half of users are entertained with funny content on YouTube (52%); around a third watch gaming content, vlogs/blogs, TV programmes or ‘how to’ videos.

5. Location online – children are going online more in their bedrooms, three in four children (73%) can now access the internet in their room, up from two in three (63%) last year.

6. Popular vlogger – Zoella was the top vlogger, especially among girls with 15% naming her as their favourite, her appeal is highest among 11-12 year olds.

7. Mobile phones – 63% of children own their own mobile phone with an average monthly spend of £12, it’s the most common way of accessing the internet.

8. TV viewing – in 2016 children and young people and watch TV for 2.1 hours each day – down from 3 hours in 2000; 60% watch TV via a phone, tablet or laptop.

9. TV services – Netflix emerged as the most popular choice – overtaking all the conventional channels.

10. Online channels – apart from YouTube, other popular online destinations are Snapchat, Instagram, Minecraft and Facebook.

The 2016 CHILDWISE Monitor is an annual report looking at five to 16-year-olds media consumption, purchasing and social and behavioural habits. More than 2000 children in schools across the United Kingdom completed in-depth online surveys for the report.

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