Top 10 tips on how to publish on LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn has 347+ million members from over 200 countries. LinkedIn Pulse can help you reach out and engage members more cohesively.

LinkedIn Pulse is a publishing platform that has transformed the professional network. Members can publish posts about the latest news and insights relevant to their communities. It’s a simple way to widen your reach and establish a thought leadership authority.

LinkedIn Pulse

Here are top 10 tips to use LinkedIn Pulse

1. Take a look – Select ‘Pulse’ from the interests tab in the main navigation, then select ‘Top Posts’ and take a look at what people are writing about and how they are using it.

2. What to write – focus on writing on your areas of expertise and experience but make sure your voice is authentic, professional and humble.

3. When to publish – think when you might look at posts, so it’s unlikely to be Monday morning or Friday afternoon, people tend to be most active on Thursdays and Sundays.

4. How much to publish – there is a recommendation to publish around 400 to 600 words weekly, but you could try different styles and schedules to see what resonates more with your groups.

5. Be a thought leader – express your opinion respectfully and share insights that are relevant and evidence based so consider adding videos and presentations to reinforce your points.

7. Choose the title carefully – this is the first thing that connections will see, so make it useful by adding ‘How to…’ or ‘7 ways to benefit…’ questions don’t tend to work well in a title.

8. Add an image – images can be included in your post to bring life to your points, it also helps breaks up chunks of content, but don’t add too many, eight is considered too much.

9. Bios – consider adding a bio at the end of each post, who you are and what you do and how you help others, you can also add other social media links.

10. Before and after you publish – always remember to read through and check your spelling and grammar before you publish, use the Preview option to do this; review your comments after too.

Remember your posts are searchable so create topical content that is appealing to attract more followers. Plus, you can share your posts not just on LinkedIn but using Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Let us know how LinkedIn Pulse has worked for you? Leave a comment below or on Twitter.

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