Top 10 reasons why your website might let you down

The number small businesses stood at record high of 4.8 million at the start of 2012. But many have poor performing websites. Latest research shows three million are failing to grow because they have the wrong sort of website.

bad web design

bad web design

Here’s our top ten insights about poor websites.

1. Out of date – a recent survey of 10,000 British companies found 80% are not fit for purpose.

2. Limited content – many websites only have up to five pages with no content management.

3. Lack tools – to measure performance and how the website functions and so decreases visibility online.

4. Can’t find it – 3 million small business websites that have out-of-date content and technology so rate very low on Google.

5. Poor image – lets businesses down and when they do attract visitors, they can’t convert them to purchase.

6. Competitors better – more than a third think their closest competitor’s website is better than their own.

7. Not on-brand – one in five people don’t think their own company website represents their brand.

8. Hard to navigate – nearly half (46%) say they would consider not doing business with a company who’s website is out-of date or hard to navigate.

9. No set goals – if you haven’t thought about what you want your website to achieve you will just get window shoppers browsing who won’t buy.

10. What next – without ‘calls to action’ people won’t know what to do next, how to ‘register now’, ‘contact us’.

More small businesses need to recognise that websites need to generate the best return On investment possible over the longest period possible

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