Summer’s going fast, nights growing colder…

It’s September 2. That means autumn officially started yesterday.

Our kids went back to school today in summer uniform – forecast highs are in the low 20s. Some of the department stores are now stocking Christmas decorations. It’s a crazy world huh?


Anyway, while the sun’s shining and the air is warm, there’s still plenty of produce reaching its peak.


Right now, peppers are at their fabulous best – sweet, fiery, brightly coloured, large, small, oddly-shaped. We love them all.


Great in so many ways – from salads to sandwiches and from hearty stews to roasted and blackened.


Anyway, because we are now on an inevitable slide towards colder days and nights, I thought I’d bring some colour and warmth.


By the way, the title for this brief post comes from a Rush song – Time Stand Still. I’m off to see Rush in Florida at the end of this month. There should be plenty of warm sunshine and exotic fish, fruit and vegetables to shoot. Can’t wait.

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