Does your business need PR? 10 insights into PR for business in today’s digital space

PR quite simply means getting your business known about by the public and media. PR should be strategically controlled to ensure the public view your business the way you want it to be understood. The ‘perception’ is about the identity, image and the content you want to share about your business.

For some businesses they require PR to encompass reputation management which is about dealing with a crisis in a positive way. Given the fast paced real time digital space we all exist in, PR for businesses has evolved and has integrated into a wider range of marketing activity.

PR for business

Here are 10 insights into PR for business

1. Building relationships – that are mutually beneficial for both business and the publics, so this is about driving engagement through communicating content to key connections to build and sustain your brand.

2. Positive perception – needs to be strategically managed so that your business is seen, heard and been where it should be; creating this awareness and shaping it positively must be aligned to your brand values.

3. Continual change – evolves and your business needs to be armed with communication tactics to stay on top of current trends and topics to sustain brand awareness; it’s not just about sending out traditional press releases.

4. Multichannel PR – is about exploiting both traditional offline PR and online channels such a social media and paid content campaigns to maximise your publicity and drive current news about your organisation.

5. Engaging publics – is simply about encouraging two-way communications through dedicated, meaningful connections that is in real time and always fluid; social media is key for rapid engagement and spreading your reputation online.

6. Marketing integration – is key to ensure PR is part of the whole marketing mix and is focused on the consumer; it’s about what they need to hear and how they want to hear it through digital and traditional channels.

7. Content is key – when communicating your business to target audiences, aim to share relevant, refreshing content to build longer lasting public facing relationships.

8. Compelling storytelling – can be less of a hard sell, PR for business is about creating stories that resonate and has genuine meaning to those you are targeting, encourage word of mouth and getting customers to spread positive stories all helps.

9. Data-driven content – is about driving measurable actions that can be tracked and tied to budgets that will give you a return on investment;, the trick here is to ensure content still remain of interest and fun.

10. Strategic delivery – is critical for long term success, so careful planning and close management will preserve a business’s reputation, a PR toolkit needs to continually evolve and meet wider public needs.

If you plan to heavily invest in a marketing campaign to launch a new product or service, PR will filter throughout that integrated delivery. Whether it’s networking, entering awards, doing charitable work or maintaining your social media profiles its all PR. Share your PR for business thoughts below or on Twitter.

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