Can texting and tweeting help your business?

A recent report by Ofcom found that UK residents now text more than they talk. But what impact does this have on your business? Here’s our top 10 insights into texting and tweeting.

text me, tweet me

text me, tweet me

1. It’s a fact58% of people communicate by text on a daily basis and send over 50 texts per week.
2. Use Twitter – over 100 million people are using Twitter, and the average consumer spends 90 minutes a week accessing social networking sites and email.
3. Low cost – you can send and receive punchy messages or tweets in an instant at virtually no cost.
4. Networking tool – tweets can be sent to your own bespoke business network so you can keep the message relevant and meaningful.
5. Be strategic95% of businesses incorporate Twitter into their marketing strategy. It can’t be ignored.
6. Remind and reassure – texting a customer to remind them of a pre-booked appointment can be considered reassuring and helpful.
7. Instant texts – mobile phones are almost always switched on so text messages are usually read instantly.
8. Improve servicetexting can be considered as offering a more personal service and can improve customer satisfaction.
9. Boost business – sending details about exclusive promotions and events can boost your bottom line.
10. Double up – the same message with the same words can be used as a text and a tweet so you can save time and reach a wider audience.

New technology is influencing the way people communicate. When someone prefers to text rather than talk it can be considered a new business opportunity.

Is your business texting and tweeting customers? Share your thoughts in the comments section below or on Twitter.

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