Brand ambassadors – what are they and how can they benefit your business?

Brand ambassadors can be invaluable for your business. A brand ambassador is a person who talks about your business in a positive way, they don’t have to be a celebrity or YouTuber . They will be selected by a business or organisation to embody the brand, to provide a credible, trustworthy visibility to help increase brand awareness and achieve a return a return on investement.

If you’re a start-up, brand ambassadors can help your business grow by building recognition to a much broader reach. Brand ambassadors represent an ideal opportunity for businesses to leverage an existing online following. However, they must be a natural affinity in the brand relationship with transparent like-minded values and interests.

brand ambassadors

brand ambassadors

Top ten ways brand ambassadors can benefit your business

1. Right skill-set – create a wish list of the audiences you want to reach, then choose the right ambassador with the right skills to reach them; often they will be good-will ambassadors so respect their commitments and understand their motivations too.

2. Research a best-fit – the perfect brand ambassador will be a ‘thought leader’ or ‘community or social  influencer’ who is consistently well informed about your brand to build growing positive engagement.

3. Humanise your brand – the ambassador will humanise your product, they should embody an authentic brand identity in appearance, demeanour, values and ethics, ideally your business brand values should be an intuitive part of their character.

4. Knowledgeable – whoever you choose, they must have a genuine interest in the brand, it’s critical that they understand the role they are playing and that they know the brand offer and have the credibility to influence large audiences.

5. Passion – the brand ambassador must have an instinctive passion for the brand and an engaging personality to be able to genuinely connect with customers and develop relationships on a personal level over time.

6. Connected – a brand ambassador should be someone who lives and experiences your brand, someone your customers can connect and engage with and who has a well-connected network, YouTube is preferred platform for influencer- lead initatives.

7. Millennials – ideally find a brand ambassador who appeals to millennials, this segment is more likely to show their purchases to their friends and write online reviews, so select an ambassador that will stir up a conversation.

8. Social media – if you choose the correct brand ambassador you can capitalise on their well-known social presence and gain wider exposure to their loyal fan base, they can ripple a positive word-of-mouth through their social networks; their circles already trust the messenger.

9. Stay on message – brand ambassadors can orchestrate key messages to showcase what the brand stands for and what its design and innovations are about, if well informed brand ambassadors will stimulate more positive comments, reviews and referrals that are on message.

10. Listen – to the feedback you gain from your customers and followers, endeavour to create meaningful engagement through brand ambassadors who customers can truly identify with; this will engender stronger customer loyalty.

Brand ambassadors can become part of the business to encourage more long-term customers and increased lifetime revenue and improve your online and offline reputation. If you’d like to find out more about how we could support creating brand ambassadors for your business, email or contact via Twitter.

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