10 reasons to use infographics

An infographic is an easy to read chart or graph that communicates a lot of data in an illustrated way. The message is brought to life and you can tell a complex story simply, reading from top to bottom.

Here’s our top ten insights about infographics.

1. Viral potential – of a good infographic cannot be ignored, it can be shared instantly, communicating in an engaging, stimulating and informative way to potentially 100,000s.

2. Press releases – can be captured in an attention grabbing infographic to hold a journalist’s attention and potentially attract different audiences who may not have considered your brand previously.

3. Snapshot stats – are creatively showcased in one graphic taken from lengthy, potentially dull, in-depth surveys.

4. History timeline – can be stretched from BC to 2012 in one image; read from top to bottom, the information must be clear and quick to consume.

5. Political content – is increasingly shared online and campaigns are commonly summed up in a 21st century graphic. So far, the US is ahead of the UK in digital politics.

6. Comparison charts – simply communicate how different products work and compare the range of features between them at-a-glance.

7. Minimal text – can be achieved with a fun infographic designed really well. It will also encourage an increase in social media sharing.

8. Planning models – summarise a lot of theory and jargon into the key issues and help you appreciate what to consider when developing detailed plans.

9. Personality types – are conveyed in a professional way with titles, descriptions and statistics that can be ranked and compared.

10. Sharing expertise – quickly and efficiently in an infographic can be irresistible for editors to pick up and use. Complex data difficult to interpret can be quickly and clearly understood.

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